Collection: Himalayan Gong

This Gong is something truly special and is made in the Himalayas of Nepal especially to cater the need of spiritual people, sound healers and sound enthusiasts. It is made by expert craftsmen to make the listener feel its resonance in such a way that it engages the tissues, the organs and the whole nervous system and relieve any supressed stress or worry embedded deep within the body. 

This gong in particular has a mandala and tibetan inscription etched on it for positivity and goodluck. Just as the prayers in the prayer flags are believed to be carried by the wind, we believe that the positive mantras etched on the gongs disperses in the air when struck, and enriches the experience of the listener.

When we bask in the overtone rich sound of this gong and let it wrap us in a magical sound coat, it instantly calms us and brings a sense of ease and tranquality. We not only heal physcially and mentally, but we can also replenish our soul and revitalise our life force. The sound experience of this gong  will instantly calm the busy mind and stimulate self healing power, energise the cells and breathe life into the soul.

We live in a time where we are constantly exposed to negativity and we are conditioned to live in a state of worry and anxiety, therefore we unconsciously make our body adapt to stress, anxiety and negativity. When the body adapts to this environment we cultivate physical and mental illness as its byproduct. So, to disrupt such patterns we can use this gong. When we meditate to the sound of this gong we allow our brain to relax and reach the alpha state of brainwave. When the brain can reach this state everything slows down and the healing begins. 


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