About Us


We are a melting pot of different handicraft products carefully hand picked and selected to cater to the needs of our customers. We pride ourselves in providing consistent and quality products to our customers through our decades of experience.

Hello my name is Tok and I am the owner /founder of singing bowl sound and craft. My passion for Nepalese and Tibetan handicraft was passed down to me from my father. My father was a trader and an enthusiast of Tibetan handicraft and singing bowl from as long as I can remember. He is considered as one the first person to have introduced singing bowl in the Nepalese handicraft industry some 30 years ago. I vividly recall my father collecting old singing bowls and old Tibetan antiques when most of the people were still ignorant of their value. Because of this I also developed a keen interest in these products and I was drawn towards them like a moth is drawn towards the light. I felt a certain connection with these handicraft products especially singing bowl due to my father’s influence and I still feel the same way. Even after 20 years, its almost like the spark never left.

Well that was my back story. Now coming to the present I am still following my passion and my family’s business of handicraft. The only difference is that now I am a lot more experienced and better at identifying the good from the bad and the best from the good. I have been following the Nepalese handicraft industry for two decades and I have seen almost everything there is to see, both the good and the bad. Therefore, I have become an advocate of good and sustainable handicraft trade and always promote safe and sustainable practices. This has made me a better person and a better human being as I make sure that the products we sell are free of child labor and all the raw material used are sourced locally and in a sustainable manner.

Our business provides direct employment to more than 50 families which ensures their and their family’s well being. We have a solid relation with our artists and our craftsmen/craftswomen from over 10 years and the relation is still growing strong. I hope we can grow our business and provide employment to these families for many years to come.